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How to upgrade from ESXI 7.0 to 8.0

You can upgrade your ESXI server in different ways, this guide is based on using an ISO

Before upgrading;

Let’s upgrade

Mount the ISO at the ESXI server, and boot to the ISO;

The ESXi 8.0 boot begins, booting into the installer

Still booting…..

ESXi 8.0 installer welcome screen, Press Enter

Press F11 to accept the EULA

Select the destination for the upgrade. and press Enter

The installer will search for previously installed version of ESXi

The installer now have detect we have a previously installed version of ESXi. It will prompt us to upgrade your existing installation. choose Upgrade and press Enter

The installer will search for info about our current installation

Press F11 to confirm and start the upgrade

The upgrade to ESXi 8.0 begins.

The upgrade process completes successfully. The installer ask us to remove installation media and then press Enter to reboot.

ESXI Booting…

Almost there….

The ESXi is now upgraded to 8.0 (build version was upgraded after, forgot to take a picture before)

Remember to check if there is any updates to your new ESXI after upgrading. 

Upgrade your ESXI license

Remember to upgrade your license to 8.0 at License Management | VMware Customer Connect

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